Why still print media in the digital age?

Print vs digital media

We’re living in the wake of a digital media world, nonetheless, the print media still prevails. The growth of the industry in cahoots with the digital world is tremendous. Digital age is a state of the art matter. It’s growing with each passing moment and we grow with it. Despite this, the print media still flourishes. The digital media might surely be reigning but it can never touchdown the print media. So, how is it possible and why the print media holds more credibility? Here are some of the reasons about why Print Matters.

#1 – Trustworthy – The internet is full of hackers, faux news and hoax and so people can’t always trust the internet for the genuine news always. It’s rooted in them to believe the credibility of the newspaper as the gospel truth.

#2 – You can’t go local with digital – We can’t always keep up with the local news with the digital media because of its colossal reach, it covers  everything globally and not so much locally. Hence,  you might miss out your local news. Therefore, people still prefer their local newspapers to know about the happenings in their local community.  ( credits – darkhorse.com.au)

#3 – Its age old existence – Newspapers have been around for about 300 years! Well, that’s a while and so people rely on it for all their news and its hard to leave something which has become more of a habit ( reading the paper everyday for breakfast) to just go away. People can’t give up something they’ve been reading and trusting for years now. So, its safe to say print is  gonna stick  around for a couple of decades I guess?!

#4 – Tangibility – Print media gives a sense of touch and something tangible to hold  in your hands while reading it. It gives an odd satisfaction to people and is one of the main causes why people still want print around. It easy, it’s lying around you can pick it up, toss it away anytime you like.

#5 – No effort, whatsoever – For the people who are not so tech savvy or the people who can’t function with technology, newspaper is their friend. My grandfather doesn’t even know how to answer his cellphone, let alone access the internet and news websites. But, the newspaper? He waits for it every morning and reads it thoroughly page by page. For them, digital world might not be a boon. Newspapers are much more convenient.

Not everything needs to be digital and it shouldn’t be. The roots should be held onto. Print matters and we shouldn’t grow have a prejudice towards it for the sake digital media.

Now talking about the CPM of the print media. CPM stands for cost per media. Through this, we shall find out which is cheaper for the people and the advertisers.  The cost of advertising in the newspapers and magazines varies from company to company.


To advertise in the newspapers it takes around 58,000 rs to 9 lakhs rs varying from one newspaper to another,

For a magazine, it starts from 36,750 rs and goes up to 9 lakhs rs Again, varying from magazine to magazine. [Credits: The media ant]

We hope you found this article informative and helpful.

Let us know why should we choose print over digital or vice versa in the comments below.

Jaanvi Vaina



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