Why media being a part of our lives is a good thing?

Media affects our psychology in a huge way more than we understand. We are connected to media in a very deep manner. Media has become a part of routine and whenever we want any news any entertainment, we turn to media. Media is rooted deep within us and is our go-to source for many things. So, in a very subtle way, media has planted certain seeds in our minds which tells us how to perceive the world. 
Media has driven us to think and perceive the world in a certain way. It gives a moral sense of right and wrong and raises pragmatic, important issues occurring in the society. Media filters the news, entertainment, knowledge, etc. and then feeds it to us. So in this article we’ll be talking about 5 advantages we have due to the existence of media in our life and how it has changed our perception about quite a lot of things.
5 Advantages of having media in our lives and how it changed our perceptions. 
1 Media shows us the mirror – In today’s world, media shows us the truth of the society by being our mirror. It’s changed our mindset of quite a lot of things by showing us the reality. It has shown us what goes around in the world without filtering it and has always fought for what’s right. Honest newspaper articles on political parties, brutal debate shows, movies about real life incidents ( such as Neerja) has empowered us and shown us the real face of world. It also exposes a lot of crimes happening in the society.
2 Media spreads knowledge – Media is the transmitter of knowledge. It does so with the help of its various sources like social media ( facebook, twitter, google+) newspapers, television, movies and a lot more ways. It gives us knowledgr about various things from around the world. A million different things, we didn’t know about and couldn’t know about are now easily available to us, by the courtesy of media.  It digs out new things everyday for us to discover. (for eg – various shows on Discovery, NatGeo, etc.) 
3 Media can change our perception for good – It can do so, by broadening our outlook towards certain niche topics like  the LGBTQ community was highly misunderstood by most of us Indians since the beginning, but with the help of media today’s youth has a better understanding of this community and so it’s changed our perception of that community by various campaigns and interviews and research and it’ll continue to do so. 
4 The Increased awareness – Media has increased awareness of so many problems and how. It has become a hub of spreading awareness. Everyday media tells us different stories of crime or various things that take place, of which we should be aware of and take caution. It helps us stay alert and teaches us how we can take caution. It acts as a caveat. 
5 – Its reach – It’s become super easy for everyone to access media. Its super accessible and its reach is amazing. Due to which, we can now hear the voices which at first unheard. A farmers cry for help. A rape survivors story. All just a click away. Media has an impressive reach, which has helped save many lives and created a safety net.  Let’s take twitter – You can tweet anything of significance and it goes viral within seconds and you can get the solution to your problem. 
Media has been doing and will continue to do an impressive job for us as an audience. It’s not all bad. It has a lot of advantages and pros, the aforementioned were just a few. Media has affected and changed our lives drastically and we must be sometimes be thankful for this boon. Media is a powerful weapon and has the capacity to change the world, if used in the right way. 
-Jaanvi Vaina


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