When Love happens everything is Magical



Love is when you are falling and someone holds your hand,
When you are drowning and someone teaches you how to swim,
When you give up on your hopes and someone becomes your sunshine,
When you start being hard on yourself and someone makes you realise how precious you are,
When you don’t want to trust anybody and someone makes you feel secured,
When you see your life grey and someone adds colour to your life,
When you get irritated and someone calms you like no other can,
When your dreams are just dreams and someone considers it as their goals,
When loving someone becomes your prayer,
When your favourite things become someone’s habit,
When someone tries to make you a better person every day,
When you know things will go wrong and someone will make them right,
When you give your everything to someone and don’t expect anything,
When you start loving someone with all your broken pieces of heart with a belief of them fixing it back,
When you cannot think of loosing someone because it just takes your breath away !!

-Yashvi Gandhi



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