What Are You Up to These Days?


As casually as people ask this question, the answer to it is anything but casual. I’m sure at one point or another you have found yourself facing this dreadful question, where you have no idea how to answer it. Generally, you are subjected to this interrogation at social gatherings such as reunions, marriages etc.

Many a times, I have found myself in a fix while answering this and I’m sure others too, at certain moment of time have experienced such fix.

So what creates such fix? Why do we take an awkward pause of a second before going with the age-old answers of completing our studies, pursuing certain degree, preparing for exams etc. But we all know deep inside that such answers are just a cover for us to hide the fact that ‘I have no idea what am I doing? Or where am I going in my Life?

Well allow me to let you in on a well-known secret, the answer, the real one you are looking for, is in one word. And that word is ‘Nothing’.

Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous and it’s not exactly an answer of which one would be proud of. In fact if nothing else, just makes us more nervous about our future and raises scary doubts in our over thinking minds.

This ‘Nothing’ actually leads to a feeling of being stuck. A feeling which is underrated but leads to depression and creates negativity in our perception of life.

So what do we do in such dark times? We look around us for ‘comfort’ and first thought that comes to our mind is our ‘Friends’

And that’s where we make our biggest mistake. You see, when I say friends, we don’t actually think about talking them in person but we start doing a kind of analysis of their lives which in our opinion end up being ‘Perfect’. And it all goes downhill from here.

Just like you, your friends are also busy pretending that their lives are in perfect order and they have it all sorted. And you being the audience to their play just see exactly what they show you and end up loathing yourself for not being able to achieve same amount of success or same perfect lives.

So what do we do now? Well first of all go easy on yourself  and try to accept that its ok to be stuck. It’s ok to say I’m up to ‘Nothing’.

Because you know behind this word ‘Nothing’ lies an ongoing secret journey. A journey in which you have hit a roadblock and have no idea about the destination. A journey whose path no one except yourself would understand, because it is something that can only be experienced and not explained.

A journey whose aim is to ‘Find Myself’. And while accomplishing that aim, answering questions like ‘Where do I belong?’, ‘What makes me tick?’, ‘What makes me feel alive?’

But here is a question , How to embark on this journey that I have gone on about? Well let me help you there, Ever since you were a child there has always been something that you enjoy doing. Something you feel you are good at. Well its time rediscover that thing and if possible make it into something you are passionate about. Something you can proudly call ‘My Thing’

Try to explore this new passion of yours. Maybe, In your world of  locked doors, this might be the Key you were looking for. The key which opens a door to a whole new world in which you find a sense of belongingness that you have craved for so long.

One last thing before I leave you, Don’t be afraid to fail in this new world of yours, because sometimes failure leads to you to most noteworthy experiences of your life.

Thus, Next time someone asks you, ‘What are you up to these days?’ Smile, and proudly say ‘Nothing’.

-Sarvesh Dange


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