Ek Chai aur ho jaye! by Vishal Tiwari | Flickering Thoughts – Dombivili


Chai is such an amazing thing for humankind and it makes us work faster all the time, let’s stop a moment from a life full of problems and deadlines and appreciate that kept us moving.

I am speaking of Chai. After having one sip of masala chai, the energy it brings to our souls is undefined.

Let’s give it up for Vishal Tiwari, a Software consultant who really attempted to appreciate the magic of Chai.

About Flickering Thoughts: See how stars are born here.

This is a show that is named after its purpose, we like to call our contestant and our participants as stars, they are creative, artistic, they might even have that one in a million character of being different and being unique. We want to help this kind of people who are hidden under the rock and who are waiting for a platform who has sounded audience, and this audience can encourage their talent as well they can give constructive criticism about their performance so they can learn from it and perform it better the next time.

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