Top 5 advertisements of 2017 which tried to make a ‘Difference’


Advertisements play a vital role in attracting Consumers’ attention to a particular Brand. Nowadays, businesses try to give a social message along with endorsing their products.

So here are the Top 5 Advertisements of 2017 which have compelled us to think upon certain issues faced by today’s world

  1. Apple’s ‘Earth – Shot on iPhone’

In these times where people are still debating ‘whether Climate change is real?’ Apple has made an effort to make people aware of their responsibilities as a habitant of this planet.

The advertisement features several landscapes which highlight the beauty of  this planet. It also reads a passage from late Carl Sagan’s ‘Pale Blue Dot – AVisionof Human Future from Space’

Thus while promoting its product Apple tries to bring people closer to reality.


  1. Microsoft’s ‘#MakeWhatsNext : Change The Odds’

In the year where issue of ‘Feminism’ is gradually gaining made a statement by realizing this 2 min advertisement in relation to its 3rd Annual #MakeWhatsNext Campaign.

The advertisement encourages young girls to pursue their ideas which would bring a radical change in the world and urges them to stay in STEM.


  1. Vodafone #MakeTheMostofNow

While campaigning for their SuperNet 4G Vodafone covered an old couple’s trip to Goa.

In this advertisement while emphasizing on the features of their 4G network they showed that no one is too old to have fun and certainly proved that ‘Age is just a Number’


  1. Brooke Bond Red Label’s ‘T for Togetherness’ Campaign

In the Age where nuclear families have become a commonality, this video tries to capture the loneliness suffered by elder members of society by sharing a story of a woman suffering from Alzheimer.


1 .TATA Tea’s ‘Alarm Bajne se PeheleJaago Re’

This advertisement makes it to the top position as it questions our procedures of taking remedial measures rather than providing measures. It encourages the youth to make a real difference by the medium of a hard-hitting video.

It clearly makes a strong statement with tagline ‘Alarm Bajne se PeheleJaago Re’.

This is our count of list, if you think we missed some thing in the list do let us know in the comments.

-Sarvesh dange


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