Top 10 most prefered brands in india and their brand value

Times square/brand equity

Brand Equity – The value or cost of a brand.

You use a certain brand as extension of your personality. It has become a part of who you are. It in some or the other way, represent you and a part of you. Your likes, dislikes, choices, preferences are all based on these brands. So, have you ever wondered what is the brand value of this brand you so love and adore? Ever wondered how much this brand might cost, if you ever ( being hyperbolic) were to buy it? Well, we’re here to tell you the brand equity of some of the famous brands in India. It might be a shocker.

We have 10 most preferred brands by Indians listed below and their brand equity.

#10 Frito- lay – Yes, that’s the name of the company which sells your favourite Lays and I guess many people don’t know It’s called Frito-lay. Lays has so many different flavours and we like to hog on them, whenever we need a snack. This is supposedly a favourite snack company loved by Indians and it’s brand value is $11.2 Billion.

#9 Nescafe – We all have, at some point, drank Nescafe’s coffee and it has great taste, nevertheless. It helps you wake up with a great taste and is refreshing. Its brand value is $16.8 Billion.



#8 McDonald’s – Loved by all whether it’s a kid a grown up or a teenager. We all love eating at McDonald’s, but ever thought of what would it cost if you went to buy it because you want it all for yourself? (nice thought, right?) Its brand value is $106.4 Billion.



#7 Pepsi-co– This is a close competitor of coca cola beverages and is also highly consumed by people in India, it has a range of beverages like Pepsi, Mountain Dew etc. and its brand value is $18.2 Billion.



#6 Honda – Honda is also a manufacturer of automobiles, aircraft, motorcycles and power equipment and it is highly used by people in India and its brand value is $24 Billion.



#5 Nike – Nike is a sports company which sells a whole line of sports products like sport shoes, apparels, equipment etc. and is highly trusted and preferred by people and its brand value is $29.6 Billion.



#4 Toyota – Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer. We all know about how good Toyota vehicles are and its brand value is $41.1 Billion.



#3 Coca cola – As all of us know, coca cola is our favorite beverage company which sells a range of products like thumbs up, coke, etc. but have you ever thought about its brand value? It’s $23 Billion.

#2 Dove – Is a leading personal care brand selling a line of products like soaps, lotions, shampoos, etc. This brand is listed under the Procter and Gamble company and its brand value is about $3.34 billion U.S. dollars as of 2017.

#1 Vodafone – It is a multinational telecommunications company and it provides telecom services internationally.  $27.29 billion U.S. dollars in 2015.


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So, there it is. Brand value of all the mostly preferred brands by Indians.

This list is made in the order of most preferable brands and most recogonised brands in bottom to top list.

If we miss any brand which should be added in the list, do let us know in the comments.

– Jaanvi Vania


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