Top 10 Indian brands & their Marketing Expenses in 2017


Advertising and creative industries are growing humongous in India; this industry primary depends on FMCG & daily usage products market. The growth of the Industry is directly propositioned to a company for to showcase their products in a better way and to advertise to more new people to now into a situation that few expenses on advertising are must for a company’s development.

In this list, the Top 10 Advertisers in India, In keeping with the tumultuous nature of the year, there are a large number of shifts in the pecking order, with 17 advertisers gaining rank and 22 advertisers dropping rank. Among those who gained rank are Vivo(+30), Reliance Jio(+29), Oppo(+26),

The Top 50 advertisers account for 34% of the advertising market. This number is significant, considering that there are over two lakh advertisers in Print and over 12,500 advertisers on TV. The Top 10 advertisers account for as much as 16% of the total market and contribute to 46% of the total 50 list. HUL, Amazon, P&G & Reckitt continue to lead the pack of top advertisers of India in 2017 as well.

* A note of caution here – some advertisers who in our list rank above 10 may well be in the Top 10 list in reality or vice-versa. (The above number are taken from PMAR Report 2018 by E4m)

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– Sai Nikhil Dintakurthi 



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