Time slowly whispers, let’s live now


    The time slowly whispers, let’s live now!!
    It’s enough of just breathing, enough of waking up and following the same routine, enough of keeping grudges, enough of not laughing and just faking a smile, enough of all the burden we hold in our minds and acting accordingly.
    Let’s not be what we have to and be WHAT WE WANT TO
    We are all pure souls trapped in the minds of other people and hence not living how we want and living the way other people’s mind want us to live.
    What if we forget what society sees and see the world we want to live in??
    Will it be more happening and more joyful??
    So why not you live your coming days the way you want your life to be and making our society more like your imagination and not the reality!!
    Trust me!
    Wake up and decide you want to live and not just survive,
    You will make others around you live too.

    -Yashvi Gandhi


    1. Very well written .
      Great thoughts expressed in simple way .
      Wish you a Great success and hope one day it will become a reality what you desire now .


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