Thoughts-All you need to do is to make a difference


                        “Every thought that we think creates our future

    To create or to live a peaceful life, every day we have to ask at least one question to make all the difference, i.e. Reality? We have to question ourselves what’s going around us. Most people will believe in their thoughts. Their thoughts are big and powerful. Everything that is in this world are almost man-made and everything that has been manipulated by human beings starts with a thought.

    Every creation in this world starting from the cities, technology, science, everything started with a thought. That’s how powerful thoughts are. This is a result of the thoughts that mankind visualized, imagined & brainstormed. 

    To give best example, we take story of Steve Jobs a man revolutionized the word revolution in technological industry “Left his college, encountered a box with few keys and a monitor attached to it with a lot of wires, and he thought this box could have potential to change something, it can bring the entire new era of technology in this world” he thought, visualized and created “APPLE” This company still stands the most revenue making in the world with $215 billion. And this is the power of thought, with only one thought & one idea the entire new range & new era can be created and it can be developed.

    “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the one who does.”

    But in the other side of the coin, thoughts are synonyms of clouds. Clouds that are moving in the sky. You can see them and you know there is something, but when you go to touch it, it’s empty and gets fogged. And when you look away and you look back again, they are gone. So that’s how thoughts function. They are cluttered, foggy & unclear. If they have positive signs of course we should take it seriously. And how one gets to know they are positive. The need of thought, the difference it makes to self and world, ideology of solving problem or understanding demand. But when we face one failure in any of situations, it happens that we become so emotional on thoughts and forget the reason it ideated. A lot of companies lost their market and brand value and potential just because of it, as Nokia, Kodak etc., Our whole in life changes just by a thought and how deep we trust the outcomes and sometimes whole attitude in life is based on those thoughts. Our state of mind works many times based on those thoughts.

    So, it’s a very important thing to be focused, to concentrate and to observe those thoughts and state of mind. Where are they coming from? How are they coming? What is their purpose? Once you figure out, your whole purpose gets changed, our whole approach to life towards situations, failure, success gets changed. Once, the purpose is known we get this little thing called “Clear light” it can be seen little first but this helps to reach our desired destination.

    It is rightly said “Change your thoughts and change the world” 

    So, next time when you think, when you dream, when visualizing & when you have vision better then you know your purpose.

    Wink BAE


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