The more you cage me, The more I fly!


The more you cage me,
The more I fly!
More you tighten your ropes on land,
Higher I touch the sky.

You asked me to keep mum,
Because you had no answers to my ‘why?’
I know you absorbed the reasons
Even if you deny.

More profound the truth sinks in,
The lesser I lie,
Stronger and Deeper the love gets,
The harder I try!

The more happiness my heart feels,
More freely I cry.
I live it my way,
And the lesser I die!

You taught me about us,
When my mind believes in ‘I’
Clearer my mind sees now,
Because you blind my eye.

We need to reach the reality
Which is neither low nor high,
It is all about the war of right and wrong you said,
‘But emotions go beyond that virtue’ I sigh.

I let you wait for monsoon
And I leave your land dry,
Hoping to see you fly someday,
I don’t bid a goodbye.

– Kinjal Shah


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