The last war by Abhiraj Das

credit: PE designs

Many decades back there was the era of democracy. The era where individuals had freedom and peace. But things doesn’t always remain the same. The greed for power led their hands on democracy. The world was changed, The borders were destroyed, the book of law and justice were closed. The strong became stronger and the weak became weaker. The world is now ruled by guns. The war of strong destroyed the life of weak.

Why should we pay the price for their greed.

We belong to no religion nor culture, but we stand united to save humanity. We stand to fight the war to end all wars. We head towards the city with guns in our hands and rage in our hearts.

A moment of open fire and walk of a couple of blocks, we made it to an empty street. We decided to take a stop there. As i turned around to make sure that the street is safe.

I found a few people heading towards the corner of the street. The gun in my hand started to feel heavier. Being a warlord, the gun never felt heavy for me, until now. As i walk towards the dark corner it felt difficult to walk. I felt fear in my mind. Fear of unexpected truth. But I manage to walk. 20 years of being a warlord and killing millions, i never felt fear nor guilt.

As i reached the corner of the street. The civilian hiding there started to run. I can’t understand why. We were there to restore peace and to end all the wars. The corner was soon empty. There was just a small girl, still standing. As i moved towards her i saw a woman running towards us. She rushed and stood in between me and the girl. In hurry i pointed gun towards her. I told here that we were there for peace and there is nothing to be feared of us. As i spoke, i can easily notice fear in her eyes. The fear of gun, fear of war. Pulling the trigger never felt soo difficult. We were there to end the game of fear but we ended up causing more fear.

The gun just fell from my hands. My body started to feel heavy. I fell on my knees. Tears rolling out from my eyes. The girl just came ahead and held my hand.

Looking at their fear I realized, war can never bring peace.

Peace can be restored only by peace.

Abhiraj Das


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