The Fresher’s Mantra ( 5 things you need to know before going to Degree college)


It’s the time of year when students, freshly out from the shells of High School steps into the life of a young Degree Collegian. Exposed to a lot of identity tests, establishing themselves in a new wider environment, the time when opportunities come by the feet and it’s on him/her, how he/she is able to create his/her presence and grab this opportunity.

Freshly eighteen, feet shaking inside the shoe, entering the brand-new classrooms on the first day of college, reminding yourself- that now they are expected to be behaving like an adult. But without paying heed to any of these obstacles, you have to give a get head on to this new culture. First-year marks the most exciting year of college, because that’s where you meet hundreds of new people, choose your best friends, choose your favorite place, explore yourself and your career and find your assets. Here are a few things you need to or you can do and remember as a fresher.

  • Upgrade yourself 
  1. Update your wardrobe too- latest, comfortable and sporty trends, simple is the new cool. Stock in plain black, white, grey, and blue t-shirts along with fresh pairs of denim.
  2. Keep aside your shyness, go ahead to shake hands with new people, without waiting for them to approach you.
  3. One of the common horrors of freshers are the seniors, the fresher’s mantra is to walk to them boldly and assertive, interact and befriend them. Trust me, they’re benefits of having a senior in your favor!
  4. Look fit, be fit. Keep a check on your physique because this would be the time, someone might be checking on you!

  • Academic reminders
  1. No longer will you be spoon fed with notes, keep a 6 subject book, to avoid the fuss of different subject and jot down pointers during the lectures.
  2. The first year is the best time to enroll for add-on certified courses and grab possible internship opportunities, paid or unpaid, to make effective tools for your profile building.

  • Bunk smart
  1. Attendance maintenance apps are commonly available on Playstore, trust me they are helpful to keep up to your 75% attendance mark.
  2. Use your bunked lecture’s time wisely, explore the city (you are blessed if you are in Mumbai college), explore your campus explore street food and shopping with friends.


  • Engage culturally
  1.  Lend active helping hands towards cultural activities in the college, like College Fest, seminars, and workshops and make the best out of days like Saree day, Twinning day to stitch nostalgia College memories.
  2.  Even though you don’t participate make sure you attend different College Fest and acknowledge yourself with a different culture, people, and talents.

  •  Make the new social identity
  1. This is the best time to engage in extracurricular creative activities like YouTube video Creations, social media influencing.
  2. Treat yourself with books and Netflix, motivational Instagram pages.

  • Fight that hole in your pocket.
  1. The teacher will hand you a list of heavy guidance books as there are usually no specific textbooks for degree colleges. Skip on fresh new books like that of school and opt for second-hand books and save up to 50% of the cost. And you know, you can enjoy few more extra Schezwan noodles in your canteen.
  2. Use payment apps like PayTm and mobiqwik to avail astonishing discount
  3. Taking a walk from the station to college, debit the auto fares, credit the gossips with your group, and you won’t even realize you are already inside the college gate.

And finally…

You might come across a lot of cultural shocks, anxieties and insecurities, looking around at more appealing and confident classmates. The first month would be difficult. It might give you a nervous attack. Keep in mind, the fresher’s Mantra, to keep a check on your looks and conviction, to keep a check on the utilization of your time, to keep a check on your image in front of other students, seniors as well as teachers so that you can keep a check on your academic performance. A new world would be hard to live in but if you are strong and bold, if you have the guts to approach, if you set yourself in the eyes of others, and you explore the best of yourself, trust me, these three years of your college life are going to be a very memorable chapter in your life.

– Sanjana Jathar


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