Somewhere a place of mixed dreams and reality for me and you


Let’s go to a place where the impossible becomes true.

a place of mixed dreams and reality for me and you.

We can be ’70s detectives trying to solve a case,

or we can be disease-surviving teenagers trying to escape a giant maze.

We can fall into a rabbit hole and eat cakes that make us shrink,

we can discover a kingdom in an old wardrobe that makes us not want to blink.

We can be wizards or muggles being sent to school to learn spells,

or we can be pirates heading to ‘neverland’ on a ship with canons and barrels.

We can be demigods, fighting with our swords and winged-shoes,

or we can be shadowhunters hunting and looking for clues.

We can search the paper towns of newyork to find the love of your life,

or participate in ‘the selection’ for the prince’s quests for a wife.

We can be dead souls looking down as our sister depicts the mystery of our death,

or be a dauntless, an erudite, a candor, or a mix of all that.

We can be peculiar kids trying to fight of the ‘hollows’,

together with the other peculiar children and everyone that follows.

We finish our quest, flipping through the last pages,

closing the books we will remember and love for ages.


– Abhiraj Das


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