So, how was your First Day of work?

Scared and first timers

On the first day to work, making the best and perfect first impressions becomes our primary goal. Unfortunately though, nervousness, fear and lack of confidence are unavoidable companions. And so we seek advice from parents, friends and Google on how to behave at first day of our work.

Well there were 2190 lakh results when I searched for some ideas on ‘First day to work.’ Framing the words differently I tried to look for some information on what should I be doing as an employee of an organization when newbies are recruited. Yeah you read it right. How should we behave with the newly appointed colleagues of ours? Have you ever thought of that? Your behavior will decide what tale will be told by that colleague during his farewell speech in future. It might start with, “Oh that was one heck of an awesome day when I entered the premises of this office” or “Well the start wasn’t too good when I first stepped in here.”

A-beautiful-welcome-smile, a firm warm handshake or you-are-welcome-to-this-office-nod are very simple yet important things which could make a big difference to this first experience of your co-worker. Of course this might turn out to be a start to a new friendship too. It doesn’t hurt to make friends and feel positive and make people feel positive, does it? And you have no idea how comfortable and homely he might feel when his nervousness just vanishes because of your smile.

One more tip here I would give to you though, you sure don’t want to get too cozy by overdoing the friendship thing. Do not go giving him a tight hug when you barely know him. That could come out wrongly and he will avoid you for lifetime. Keeping the jokes apart, let us further with this discussion.

You can talk about a few topics which will help you know him better and vice-versa. Sharing your interests, hobbies, passions, dreams, etc. could be the start of a great acquaintance.

So go ahead and make your work experience a beautiful one.

-Kinjal Shah


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