Is Saregama Carvaan the new Pulse Candy?


In this age of Saavan, Gaana & Youtube for music streaming and free internet, I am a music lover and for me, I know exactly where to find the song that I am humming in my mind from last two days or I know where to look at for a most trendy song that’s been recently released.

A product that resembles a classic radio look and feels got my attention. Every electronic store I go to, I find someone buying this device or speaking about it. Saregama Carvaan

I just wondered what’s so special in this device? A portable radio with 5000 songs loaded from the era of golden music time in India mostly in the major language HINDI by few of iconic singers like Lata Ji, Mohmad Rafi, Asha Bhosle, Hemant Kumar and many more.

This product was made for Middle-age people who are in love with old and classical music and people who are technophobic ( a person who fears, dislikes, or avoids new technology) and the company who manufactured it quite achieved their goal.

What’s so special about this product? When I ask my self this question, I have many answers for it. Firstly I would say the way the product is created by a Record Label company SAREGAMA India Ltd.

One of the striking features is definitely how more or less it resembles classic portable radio. The concept of a physical radio with pre-loaded songs and a small LCD screen to monitor the settings and few buttons to control the device itself is a challenging format to sell in this market.

How to sell this product and who will buy it? When I asked this question, I would obviously say for Mid-age people but how do you sell it to them now? People choose the digital way of watching and listening to music, the strategy of how a company came up with to sell this product is interesting.

They made a 5 min video to involve their audience to make belief in their product. The themes go as such, a father who loves mom’s voice and especially her singing from the kid’s young age to bits and parts to show how her magical voice can soften the father’s mood every time he is in a bad mood. Whether he is upset with his staff at his work or he can’t get to sleep, magic in her voice makes him calm. The plot twists when they are old enough and their son go out of the station to study and he calms her by brings a smile on her with the same song(Male version) with witty voice makes the audience smile and her correction shows how valuable and important is that song to them. When she passes away due to some reason, the father becomes lonely and his son gifts SAREGAMA CARVAAN to him and he listens to it when he is alone.

We are in this time of age where time is a luxury in the ad industry, but still the company’s executives & The Womb, Ad agency worked on it to show the value created by the product in the family’s consists of Mid-age people and to include gifting as a strategy that builds specialness into the brand, said by Vikram Mehra – MD of Saregama on an interview with Afaqs News.

On the same interview he mentioned about Carvaan’s sales have crossed 100,000 units and the company expects to sell another 200,000 units in six months end of Nov 2017. And now it’s a big hit in the market.

They came up with the latest version of Carvaan with few extra features and remote for a better use. This company even sells gifting cards and few additional products in the market now.

Why do I compare it with Pulse Candy? Not just the product is perfect, but the strategy they used while selling the product is smart and effective. A Product worth 6000rs, which can replace the culture of gifting a watch or a shirt to their elderly parents, and its just being a very simple product with few buttons and limited features still makes a mark by proper product selling strategy and gave them the boost they needed to hit the market hard and we are all seeing the results. I felt its similar to Pulse candy story.

I would love to see more such interesting and creative products in the market from Saregama India Ltd. and Many more

– Sai Nikhil Dintakurthi


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