But sadly, not everything is a happy ending!!!!

credits: juandesign

She was misleading, and confusing as hell.
She was also oblivious and blind as well.

She smiles and tries to cover her pain,
But life for her is a storm; a never-ending rain.

She concluded that no one would ever love her;
A mess, but to him: a beautiful disaster.

He sees how much her eyes would prickle with tears,
Letting him see all her feelings and fears.

Glossy and red eyes from all that crying,
He sees this and feels his insides dying.

“She’s the most beautiful catastrophe there’s ever been,”
“I’m the one who nobody wants to be heard or seen.”

Two different description of the same person.
He thinks she’s just lost, but she thinks she is in prison.

He knows he can fix her, but he doesn’t know how or when,
After all, how can you fix someone who doesn’t like to show she’s broken?
She’s shattered glass, fixable but never to be the again.
Bur he knows he has to try, he knows he can.

Maybe she just wanted a real friend, at least he could try.
But he knows she doesn’t want anything else but to die.

It’s sad how she thinks people see her as someone beneath their feet,
But the only thing he sees in her is the stars and the galaxies.

But sadly, not everything is a happy ending,
Like countless things love cannot help in mending.
But he doesn’t want to recall them, like untouched book in a shelf;
He doesn’t want to remember the day she killed herself

-Abhiraj Das


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