Regrets are Sour…!


“Mom, will you please just listen to me?” she yelled.
“No! You are not supposed to interrupt when adults talk” and she was expelled.
She in rage stormed out of the room,
walking away from light into the depression’s gloom.

Crying in fear he said, “This is not right. Look she is bleeding.”
“Oh shut up! You coward!” he said shamelessly laughing.
He killed then the rapist minister with a knife.
And imprisonment was his gift for whole of his life.

“Ssshhhh” All the elders went quiet.
When walked in the teenager while they were watching porn site.
His addiction to pornography was now unbreakable,
only if they had talked about it to him instead of giving foolish babble.

“Sorry, women aren’t competent for this job.”
She wished she hadn’t entered the interview room turning the door knob.
Sadly she refused to give them a tough fight,
and later complained that she was not given her right.

“No. She is a part of me. Please don’t kill her.”
But they drowned the female infant; the mother’s screams didn’t matter.
They found the mother’s dead body in the river next day.
It could make a difference, only if she would seek justice, instead of fleeing away.

“Do you want to become a writer? They aren’t as rich as doctors.” They justified.
“Okay. I will be a doctor.” To himself he had lied.
Poetry and novels after 15 years also steal his heart.
“Ah! If one had my name as author!” with regret his heart was torn apart.

We aren’t suffering because of misdeeds of cruel mind.
But we sure are paying in pain and blood for silence and laziness of people who are kind.
Regret filled hearts say shedding tears on death bed,
“Oh! It could make a difference; only if I had used my freedom and something I had done or said.”

– Kinjal Shah