Podcast Review by Nikhil D – Startup by Gimlet Media

Credit: Gimlet Media

Show title: StarUp

Production by: Gimlet Media

Type: Constructed Show

When I was listening to an earlier episode of “How I build this with Guy Raz” with Alex Blumberg, Co-Founder and Content Chief of Gimlet Media. Guy Raz mentions a show hosted by Alex (guest) as a recommendation and I heard it for the first time. It’s about a podcast company that recently got acquired by Spotify for $225 Million. Starup show was unique when I heard the first few episodes, I started listening to it just a couple of weeks back when all this acquisition took place, from my point of view of how a great podcast company has grown from an idea and how it took place is an interesting story but, the interesting part is, this recordings and episode took place simultaneously when the company was looking for initial investments for angel funds this is around April 2014. The host of the show and Co-Founder Alex talks to himself and address the audience tuning in to this episode. He spoke about, him leaving his job and pursuing a passion. This show is primarily structured in a constructive format (Multiple recording overlaid with the right amount of narration by the host and proper mix of music and audio clips) a pretty interesting format I believe.

What do I like the most?

This show mostly contains talks by Alex about his life and the consequences of his decisions and how they reflected on Gimlet Media. The fact that talking a recorder and collecting initial thoughts and creating an audience base through a product that hasn’t even started yet is a brilliant idea and Alex executed it well. Alex has experience as a podcast producer for NPR’s famous shows like Planet Money and This American Life. His experience of documenting audio clips and formatting it in the right tone would give you a great experience of listening to a great story. What excites this show’s audience is the fact that this is at some point a live update about his company and it gives a great insight into how to start a company. A season down the line, the producers of the show creatively shifted the origins of talking about stuff happening inside Gimlet to young start-ups and their struggle and personal first-hand experience. That gives this show a great human touch and grabs the audience’s attention.

I would recommend this show to anyone who likes to know the inner workings of a Podcasting company and someone who is the world of entrepreneurship and in the business of content.

Show Link: https://gimletmedia.com/shows/startup


Nikhil Dintakurthi


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