In conversation with Prahald kakkar

Prahlad kakkar

Here we are with our first ever Bmmguru Talkx video.

Our first guest is a person, who bought a drastic change in advertising world. Who is know for his iconic Shah Rukh khan Pepsi ad and many more. A leading director of Genesis film production and who has his own scuba diving school has his own school of branding and entrepreneurship in Mumbai.  AD GURU Prahlad kakkar

In this video we have spoke about Prahald’s Assistant director life under Shyam Benegal, who is an Indian director and screenwriter. With his first films as an A.D in Ankur, Nishant. And he spoke about his schooling in military grade school and how his technique of Parachute roll helped him from an adventures episode with his young time girl friend.

He also spoke about present schooling system and  and what they are missing that need to be learnt. And finally about how split-second decision can change and impact in life and many more.

Do watch the video and let us know which part you liked the most.

About Bmm Talkx:

This is a place where industry legends and Guruji’s come and share their thoughts and perspectives on questions asked by students and it’s a platform where an experienced mind and a creative mind come and showcase share their ideas.

If you want some one to be interviewed and want to get to know more then tweet us with #askbmmguru in twitter and post your questions on facebook. We will interview them for you.


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