We at BMMGuru provide content for Media students for both Academic and Non-Academic. We provide workshops and seminars to get an exposure and let students know about outside media world. We as well take care of careers in media and marketing industry for fresher’s students.

Our Vision & Aim:

We believe media students have a right and also need an opportunity to see what’s happening in the world in a better way, as well to be a part of it; we are doing our part of connecting corporate, agency and media world to college students and media aspirants, all at one place.

What do we provide?

We are Content Creation Company:

We generate content for both academically as well as news, articles on contemporary issues & opportunity for students to test and try new genres. We cover news and information about the present media world and what’s happening in colleges and updates in media industries. We have a YouTube channel that telecast talks shows and talent events and content related to the entertainment industry.

We are an Event Management Company:

We conduct regular workshops on a lot of media-related topics like “Agency life in 8 hours!”All about advertising” and many more by top faculty, who are as well influential people from the industry. We conduct seminars at colleges on different topics and overview sections for students to know about different industries. We also have a talent show called “ Flickering thoughts” show that performed in front of live audiences and would be recorded for the online audience for later, a platform for artists to showcase their talents.

We are Media Recruitment Company:

By activities we do, we got a privilege to meet a lot of freelancers, start-up owners, media houses & many more in different streams in the media industry that look out for specific kind of skills & fresh minds who are about starting their careers. We help students to reach their dream companies to work for and companies to reach their suitable students. We recruit for Internships, Freelancing jobs, Full time, Part time and Temporary jobs.

What can we provide for your college?

For a college that we associate:

  • We help students in your college to get selected in our listed companies for Internships & Placements.
  • We can provide regular workshops in your colleges on different topics.
  • We created a platform for Academic related content, students as well as teachers could share and showcase their work and can learn from this portal.
  • We provide media coverage and showcase your latest notable updates in our website which have a wide reach throughout the Mumbai media community.

Reach us at to know more about this partnership.