Here are few reasons why you need to attend NSM College fest DAAS 2017


A College is not just about cut-offs, admissions, lectures, and classes, it’s much more than just a place to study and a knowledge hub, here we do activities that help us understand our strengths and give us a chance to build on it, friends are the boon to the college life, they stay with us in bad times and good times.

In this span of amazing days, college festivals and events will bring college students, professor together to create a memorable event that will not only entertain us but also help us to build up strengths and create an impact on our non-curriculum activities. A first-year college student will get to know the trouble of making something, the effort it takes to design and to bring an idea into shape. A best-showcased example is an annual college function.

We are proud to say that we do such an amazing event that fills our gaps in college from a place to study to a second home.

We all together proudly bringing up DAAS festival, it’s a three-day annual intercollegiate event organized by Nitin Godiwala (N.G.) Junior College of Commerce and Nava Samaj Mandal (NSM) Degree College under the umbrella of Nava Samaj Mandal Trust.

What is DAAS?­­

DAAS (Dance, Acting, Art, Singing) enables youth to self-discover their talents to shape their positive attitude in socio-cultural and creative fields. It provides a platform for youth to exhibit and display their skills and potentials.

Patronage of DAAS – The Worshipper of Art

And this year the theme of out fest is ‘Heritage’ This year, we at DAAS offer you 17 events to channelize your energies and reach the horizon.

A group of philanthropists benevolently encourages the ‘DAAS’. DAAS is funded and supported by businessmen, industrialists and many corporate organisations. Times-NIE and BMM Guru is the media partner of DAAS. The other sponsors are Reliance, NIIT, frameboxx, PRIDE Computers, FLYHIGH Aviation Academic , ITM Group of Institute.
Shri. Ashok J. Khothari and Shri. Kishor Khabiya are among renowned philanthropists, social worker, industrialist and businessman who continuously support and sponsor of ‘DAAS’ over the years.

Reasons you need to attend this festival:
  • The fun will be there, where the friends are:

Festivals are all about fun, its a place where you can recreate yourself, enjoy the most with your friends, perform in activities, participate in interesting events and try out something different which you haven’t tried before.

  • Because you need a break from the books for a while:

Most of you recently completed your semester exams & you are looking for a break for few days to get back on flow and this event will help you that.

  • Meeting the right people:

Doing an event you never did before, taking a task you never took before will help you to understand the difficulty in the task but in the same place, it will help you meet some amazing people around who will direct you and soon become your friends. You should never miss out that fun.

  • Find where your heart is:

You need to find where you belong, and you to find what is your passion, what makes you more happy ? A rock band performance or a paper and pen and expressing your thoughts, here you get a chance to explore all of it. Good luck on finding one.

  • It’s a great way to discover new art:

This is a one good time to bring the soul animal out and try out your new skills, you might become a rising star in dancing, who might know? You need to step on to the dance floor to know that!

  • At the end, you will take back million memorable moments:

An event that comes only once in a year will surely have an ample amount of work to do, crazy amount of human work hours to put up an idea on paper and then to execution and to bring up a lot of joy during the fest,  but in the last moments of fest it will give you millions of memories that you will never forget in your life.


Events Schedule

We are sure that you will never miss an opportunity to come and make some amazing memories during our fest and make our fest a memorable one. So lets catch up at Nava Samaj Mandal & Nitin Godiwala (N.G.) Junior College in Vile Parle on 7,8 & 9 of Dec 2017.


  1. One of the best event in mumbai….. DAAS…… The best platform for all the upcoming artist….. It is an event where uh get a platform to show ur talent…… ♥……

  2. It is the awesome event which is going to be handle by nsm college which is DAAS…. Really gonna enjoy the event… It is the best platform for the participants to show their talent….

  3. DAAS is a event where we students and teacher come together and work whole heartily for our event.
    One of the best platform to show the talent.
    We the students and teacher work hard to make our event success.

  4. FOR me nsm colleg is the best the event which the colleg organise DAAS is absolutely amazing we Lear practical how to cooperate ,team work ,n its best colleg for bmm n BMS student even jr colleg is the good.ONE CAN LEARN N GET KNOWLEDGE PRACTICALLY


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