No cage can confine you, no chain can bind you, Spread your wings and fly- Abhiraj Das


    You can’t be fat,
    You can’t be flat,
    You can’t be short,
    You can’t be too tall.

    Don’t wear short skirts,
    Don’t wear tight jeans,
    Show your skin? No way
    Consult the books of Sanskaars.

    Don’t wear too much makeup,
    Don’t wear too little,
    What makes you is your outer shell,
    Without it, you’ll be just an object to dwell.

    How late you reach home,
    How often you booze,
    Don’t you know?
    These are scales to measure your character.

    This entire world is full of lies,
    It hides behind a cruel guise.

    Your fate doesn’t lie in another’s hands,
    Society isn’t the judge, before you stand,
    Never think that being dictated by it is okay,
    It deceives you to believe that it’s the only way.

    O Angel, no cage can confine you,
    O Angel, no person can restrict you,
    O Angel, no chain can bind you,
    Realize that this is true.

    Spread your wings wide,
    Break all the barriers and fly,
    With your dreams, give a ride,
    To the soaring sky.

    – Abhiraj das


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