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It was the time of their favourite literature class by their favourite teacher. The 5th grade class eagerly waited for the climax scene after Ravana had abducted Sita for 12 months in their following Ramayana narration class.

The young teacher was greeted with curious eyes as she began.

So now, kidnapped Sita sits back in the Ashok Vatika even tough Hanuman offered her to take her back to her husband. But it was forgotten that Sita was an avatar of Goddess Lakshmi, she was not to find an easy rescue for herself, leaving behind many other women victims of Ravana’s abuse. Sita was not to leave without punishing this devil. 

Hanuman informed her that lord Ram was preparing to call a war on Ravana to save Sita.

But, Who knew how long it would take? Who knew that the preparations of lord Ram were enough or not? Who knew how long would Sita and other women would have to bear this?

Well Sita had a plan, a simple strategy. To bring out anger and sense of revenge out of the dispair that the women went through. With the help of Trijata, Sita’s guard Rakshasi whom she befriended, helped her to make and arrange secret weapons for all the women so that when ever needed, they can stand for their own protection. Hanuman kept Sita updated. When lord Ram entered in Lanka and raged a war on Ravana, the women brigade lead by Sita joined in to strengthen lord Ram, Lakshman and Hanuman’s army. But after a long fight and uncountable failed attempts of killing Ravana by regular weapons, Ram knew it was time, as he handed a blazing arrow to Sita given to him by Sage Agastya. Sita placed the arrow on her bow rest and pulled it with all her agitation and leave the arrow to fly and pierce it straight into Ravana’s heart. Sita had killed Ravana, Sita had killed her abductor, she had taken her revenge, she had won to be her own saviour, Sita was a salient hero of Ramayana.

The period bell got everyone back to the class as children broke into cheers and applause.

Co-incidentally the Principal heard the entire lecture from outside the classroom thus making the teacher answerable to why she did self manipulate the Epic of Ramayana.

What was that? You weren’t teaching any other regular story, you were narrating Ramayana. Who gave you the rights to change the Epic?” The principal interrogated.

The teacher began. “I know what I did right now was wrong, but even some Epics need to change according to the time. We come across so many stories with heroines in trouble, but in every such story it’s the boy, hero, prince or husband, basically a man coming in as a saviour for the abused women. Right from lord Ram, to every cliché Bollywood movie. But does that always happen ? Will a girl always need a guy around to sheild her? A girl herself should stand and be ready to protect herself. We claim that women can be equally strong as men, then why do we look upon a man to fight for us?”

The principal interrupted,

I totally agree to you. But changing a story…” Principal asked.

Why do we tell young children, stories, ma’am? So that they extract values and lessons through them.

I had to narrate Ramayana as per the syllabus which has a women abducted and kept waiting for months until her hero doesn’t come to save her. But i don’t want those little girls, I teach, to adapt this. I wanted them to show that Sita kept the potential to kill Ravana. I wanted them to believe in their own self. I want them to be the hero of their movie an not wait for one to come to beat up the goon. Sita need a new defination Ma’am.

In a path of fighting crime against women, we don’t just need gentlemen, but we also neec to make every woman self reliant. The aim shouldn’t just be to persuade strongs to fight for the weak but also to make weaks, strong.

The teacher finished shunning the principal right away. The principal began walking away, but smiling, she had found a teacher for the school who taught life better than books.

– Sanjana Jathar


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