Myntra to rebrand its logo behind accusation calling it ‘offensive’ concerning Women

Myntra new logo

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Today, the masses woke up to the news that E-commerce giant Myntra has decided to rebrand its Logo followed by a controversy and an accusation against the Logo that it is offensive to Women. 

Founded in 2007, Indian fashion e-commerce brand Myntra headquarters in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Initially Myntra offered personalized gift items and it was acquired by Flipkart in May 2014.

Who finds the Myntra logo obscene?

According to a report by India Today, Myntra decided to restructure its logo after a complaint was filed with the police against the logo terming it as offensive for women. The brand said they would revise their logo on their website, app as well as on all packaging material. They have already issued printing orders for packaging material with the new logo.

This report by India Today quotes DCP Rashmi Karandikar, Cyber Crime Department of Mumbai police as saying, “We found that the logo was offensive in nature for women. Following the complaint, we sent an email to Myntra and their officials came and met us. The officials said they will change the logo in a month’s time,” It is stated that In December last year, a woman Naaz Patel associated with an NGO called Avesta Foundation had lodged a complaint with the Mumbai Cyber police alleging the Myntra logo to be ‘insulting’ and ‘offensive’ towards women. Naaz Patel had also taken to various social media sites to voice her dissent against the company’s logo. The NGO had also termed the logo as ‘abusive’

Here, the complaint was filled using fundamental rights and we witnessed the Brand being diplomatically sensitive. Rebranding stories and cases like these can be looked upon as good case study to analyze and talk about. 

Why somebody finds the Myntra logo obscene?

Is the Myntra logo objectionable?

Isn’t there any other way?

Do share your school of thought with us in the comment section below. 

However, Myntra has put in efforts for rebranding itself, a couple of times earlier as well. This back dates between 2007 and 2010, Myntra website allowed customers to personalize gifts. From the immediate next year (2011), the brand started selling lifestyle and fashion products and went away from personalization.

In May 2015, an official announcement was made that Myntra will shut down its website and serve customers exclusively through its mobile app. The Brand justified its decision by stating that 95% of traffic on its website came via mobile devices only to witness and acknowledging the failure of the “app-only” model. Followed by which Myntra announced that it would revive its website.

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