How many of you know what L.G.B.T.Q meant for?


LGBTQ #Under3mins:

So what exactly does the term LGBTQ stand for? It stands for L as in Lesbians, G as in Gays, B as in bisexual, T for Transgender and Q for either Queer or Questioning (questioning or flummoxed about their gender)

LGBTQ community isn’t exactly the most accepted community in our Indian culture, but rather looked down upon. More than half of our population do not accept them, the LGBTQ community faces wrath of those who think of them as unnatural beings. The struggle the LGBTQ community has to face every day for being themselves, is enormous both mentally and physically. They have to fight for their sexuality, to be with someone they love. Since loving someone as the same gender as you or not being comfortable in their own gender and to take on the other gender, has started to more than just irk people.

LGBTQ community has to fight for its every right as Indian culture and laws won’t give them their rite of passage. It is not supposed to be decided by any court of law, who falls in love with whom, they cannot decide what people feel about the other gender or their own gender.

Under Section 377 of India Penal Code dating back to 1860, introduced during the British rule of India, criminalizes sexual activities “against the order of nature”, arguable including homosexual sexual activities. (Courtesy:  This section prevents the community from choosing their lifestyle and gender, and forces them to fit into certain norms of society. Disabling their freewill of choosing whom they want to love and who they want to be, due to the stigma attached to it.

This is another huge social issue faced by a speedily developing country like India. This just proves no matter how progressive our country might get, some things are going to stay regressive. Tell me; is it right, for us to decide that whether a person should love a man or a woman? Who are we but mere human beings? It’s not in our hands to control other people and who they wish to be and love. If a man is happily in love with another man, or a woman finds more comfort in being a man, then we must be nothing but happy for them. We must unite against this issue, be one, and abolish section 377 and make our country greater than it already is. We must fight for humanity. As being a human is more important than any other thing.

Video Courtesy: AIB

Many commnuties and NGO’s try to educate people and enhance their knwoledge about LGBTQ community and of all one of the attemept was by AIB with Imran Khan, bollywood actor answering some stupid questions people ask for LGBTQ Communities.

LGBTQ community faces a potential threat by the government and law enforcement and the public in general if they even think of holding hands with their significant other. The community is stereotyped and looked down upon largely by the society. Any man who is straight wears the colour pink or  is quickly categorized as ” a gay man” as if it’s a curse word. Or the words like “hijda and chakka” and generally just thrown out in the open as an abuse. Do these people really deserve this, only because they’re different than what we expect them to be? It’s who they are “gay” and “chakka” are not supposed to be used as curse words, because it represents someone’s gender and lifestyle choice, not something grotesque like we’ve made it.

Jaanvi Vania


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