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This article is a part of "Jobs in the 21st Century" podcast series

Podcasting space has shown promising growth in Multiple countries, in countries like The US, China, Australia and UK podcast became a synonym for engagement and brand building, either its a Business Brand, NPO or a social Cause – podcast tend to solve a complex problem with ease.

I believe that, an industry can be developed when there is a continues supply and a matching demand. Podcasting as an idea is solving problems and not just as a FAD for content but people in this space are exploring multiple opportunities. There are new incentives that are being generated as I write this and regular cash flow and monetization are assured for all kinds of content and creators not just the creamy layer and the entertaining genre.

After working with multiple projects on different work capacity I can draw a rough outline on this whole space to understand the job opportunities and a demand for those job roles.

Currently Indian market is very disoriented and unorganised and little to no recognition to multiple levels of work. But, soon these things going to change as the work increases and money flows into new projects, work flow gets developed and most of the people will have a  specific job role and a systemic problem solving method and an Industry Standard Pay considering the level of ability and experience.

By looking to the workflow of a typical production process of a Conversational/ Documentary Podcast, these are the 3 different sectors that some one can look a work opportunities for.

  1. Content Creation Division
  2. Content Production Division
  3. Content Marketing Division

Will give you a basic gist on what kind of work associate with each division, Creation involves more Talent related work Voice Over Artists, Hosts, Script Writers, Content Creators and any kind of creation job that might be a part of the process. These kind of works mostly tend to be project basis and the pay is mostly decided by the ability on Podcast and AudioBook markets.

Production works majorly involves, Script Writing, Research, Sound Editors & Engineers, Production managers, Assistances and mostly people who take of both skill wise as well as Logistics wise a smooth transition of the work and enhancement of the content. Pay would be decided multiple factors but to most of them experience matters. Production Space, might be a Video, a Movie or a Podcast there tend to be unimaginable issues that might affect the quality of work. So, someone with capable understanding of situation and problem solved end up being promoted.

Marketing & Promotion tend to be more inline with regular kind of work in other mediums but some with a podcasting intuition and some who can dissect the minds of a podcast listener tend to get the job here. Let’s say you have a brilliant idea and did a very good production work and then you want to push the show, without proper marketing mix and audience taste your show might never make it big.

Look at any International Successful Podcast show, a good mix of Communication & Marketing and Smart and Efficient Production team and a Brilliant execution of a creation combined gives a good show.

I will try to talk about each of these divisions and their relevance in multiple types of projects as well as job roles in those markets in upcoming article.

Do share me your thoughts on this.

This aritcle is a part of an experimental Podcast Series focused understanding the changing job market and what does it take for someone to make a mark in their respective industries. More details coming soon.

Nikhil Dintakuthi – Linkedin


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