Let’s take 5 oaths this Diwali that can potentially change our country forever


Diwali is the most colourful, sacred and brightest festival of India. Diwali means a row of light lamps.

A day in history when ram returned from 14 year exile in the forest after a battle and on the other end Lord satyabhama killed demon narakasura and in other upfront, the return of Pandavas from 13 year banishment.

Darkness perishes and lights up our life is the motto of DiwAli.

A few days before Diwali it’s our tradition to clean our homes, workshops, offices, schools & holy places and white wash the color up black spots.

We are ready to celebrate the festival of lights, but we forget to remove the darkness of our soul.

Here are top major dark spots in our country that need our hand to whitewash:

  1.  Sanitation:
Credits: Hindustan Times

You clean your house, but not our roads and country.

Is it because third person included?  The aim of swatch Bharat will be a dream without our participation

Political will + BEHAVIORAL change – chaltha hai attitude = Clean Diwali.

  1. Illiteracy:

In India only 74.04% are literate, and majority but not educated.

The Government provides ample opportunities for education and well being

Share education to kill illiteracy. On this day we share sweets with our kin, family, friends & relatives to share our joy.

Similarly, we should share education with less privileged people and less educated to bring them into the front line.

  1. Electricity:
credits: Bloomberg

In the verge of celebration of lights, still 30 million people in India doesn’t have access to electricity. The Government is working for past 3 years through Ujala programme and Deen Dayal Upadhyaya gram Jyoti, after 3 years of implementation now 96% villages got electrified by simple and viable methods and conservation such as switching off unwanted electrical equipment and if we follow the same at least lighting will be distributed.

  1. Hungry India:
Credits: Relief India Trust

India ranks 100th place in 119 countries and imagine, ours is worse than North Korea. While china brought their rank from 47 to 29, but we rose our rank in hunger index from 94 to 100.

We have sufficient food, but not necessary distribution. Rich are wasting the food and poor is fasting without food, so distributing the unwanted food from this Diwali and help India to gain strength.

  1. Corruption:
Credits: India today

India ranked 79th in the corruption perception index. Corruption is not just confined to government my dear, it is in the blood of Indians.

We hate, but we give, we hesitate, but we take.

From this Diwali at least stop giving bribes and help India to build strong pillars of transparency.

At least ask why? Before give

We white wash our dark spots of the house, but not of the nation, if not white wash at least hide them because when the police used to store cases of corruption in paper, we lose our forest cover, if on digital we fill our big data.

From this Diwali educate yourself before teaching an old dog a new trick. Distribute your light not crackers, god & government showed the path for enlightenment, it is our duty to follow the path.


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