The Last Report by Chandana (Episode-8) #BMMGuruOriginals

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Here we are standing still, staring at a bloody hallway we were about to enter, surrounded by the stench of murder. Right back where it all started. Syne started walking. Now that the hallway isn’t that dark I see all the blood, the floor was covered in it. Syne, sensing me not wanting to set a foot in that, bowed down and waved his head sideways hinting me to climb. I did just that. He walked into it. I held him tight and lowered my head to rest it on him. He walked cautiously towards the only room emitting light. The room I was in before. The room was unusually clean given all the blood and gore that’s hit the hallway. Syne peeped into the room and sniffed. He entered once his suspicions were at ease. He walked to the operation table and waited till I got off of him and on to the table. He slowly traced his steps backwards and I noticed him carefully tracing back his bloody foot prints while moving backwards. He slowly walked towards the door. Not being close to him made me anxious and I tried to reach for the ground with one foot to get off the table when he stopped, stood still and stared at me while his now normal eye turned brown again. There is something about that eye, I could always tell what’s on his mind every time that happens. I understood that he wants me to stay. He disappeared into the darkness and returned in a few minutes, with a rugged old bag and a rag. He put the rag on the floor and cleaned his paws on it. I sat there in disbelief as I saw this giant beast clean its messy paws and then proceed to clean it’s bloody prints off of the floor. Now I know the reason behind the room being spotless, but has he always been doing that? He sure looked familiar with the place. I knew all along that syne was no ordinary dog but he just never ceases to amaze me.

He brought that old bag to me and put it in my lap. In the old bag were some papers. There was a file with his name and a picture on it, a picture from when he was just a little pup. There was a little boy in it too. The boy was maybe a 5 or a 6 year old, pretty young lad he was. They looked jubilant. I opened the file. It explains a lot of things actually, it was a report of an advanced research, and syne was the subject. A serum that could “bless it’s host with enhanced physical and mental abilities”. They were testing it on him. The report said syne was healthy physically and mentally untill the 10th dosage of the set of 12 injection procedure. He began mutating and growing bigger and bigger. They continued the dosage even after he became difficult to deal with. He wouldn’t listen to anybody but a little boy. The boy who came to see him in his cage everyday. They used to play together until the 11th dosage. They couldn’t allow the boy near a dangerous animal now. The animal they created out of what once was innocent and wanted nothing more than spending time with his favorite little human.

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– Chandana Tolana




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