The Last Report by Chandana (Episode-6) #BMMGuruOriginals


I waited patiently as it moved the bushes around and dig up dirt. It came up to me with something in it’s mouth and placed a furry white bunny on my lap and turned around to bring two more. I saw one of these earlier, i thought it killed it. The dog was actually looking after them all this time? It sat down with us sniffing and playing with the tiny fur balls in my lap, the look in it’s eyes was so kind and tranquil, who would have thought that a beast like this could ever be as benevolent. I sat there admiring the beast when i saw a tag on it’s leg, I looked closer, it read “Syne. S1. 18111” in bold letters and some other details in smaller font. Maybe that is it’s name and it says that ‘it’ is a ‘he’. Syne. I’ll call him that from now on, I thought as I looked into his eyes, smiling. He looked so innocent if only I didn’t see those poor people in the pit, the thought of it makes a chill run down my spine. I don’t understand his reasons behind doing something like that, it’s certain, he isn’t some mindless beast. He understands everything and has compassion for other beings. Maybe I’m jumping to conclusions, it isn’t necessarily be his doing to begin with, but if he didn’t do it, there is something more dangerous out there and I’m glad he found me before something else did. Now that I’m with him, I could see how gentle and kind he is, I feel safer. He’s size isn’t ordinary for a dog, he is so full of fur and warmth, I thought to myself as I slowly sunk in his fur. I wasn’t tired or sleepy, the feeling was just so warm and comforting. I stroked his head and grazed my hand over his ears with him playing with the baby bunnies hopping around his gigantic paw, they are so tiny they could practically live in his fur and syne wouldn’t even notice a thing. Its precious how gentle he is with them. I closed my eyes while still scratching behind his ear.

We wandered around the forest making timely visits to the bunnies. They grew a little but still very tiny for syne. It feels like a lot of time has passed since he found me. It’s bizarre that I Never saw the sun set for once after all the time we spent wandering around. I’m sure days have passed. I haven’t eaten anything, Syne didn’t either, yet none of us look or feel weak at all. “Are you not hungry syne?” I turned around to face him. He looked at me with his big vibrant blue eyes like he always does and licked my face and rested his head on my shoulder. He is barely even putting any weight on my shoulder cause if he did I’d be on the ground by now. I hugged his back and he nudged me gently.

After wandering around for what seemed like days I came across something familiar.

The story continues in next part...

Chandana Tolana



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