The Last Report by Chandana (Episode-5) #BMMGuruOriginals

If you haven't read the first part then please read it here.

I sat there, petrified, confused and exhausted by how things turned out, it was way too much for my heart to keep up. The dog sat right by my side with it’s head on my lap. I don’t know if I should move, the dog looked rather peaceful like it wasn’t about to maul my face a minute ago. What changed? The more I try to find answers the more questions I encounter, it’s like I am just digging myself into a deeper pit every time I try to get away from trouble. I now find my mind clouded with no explanation to the situation I find myself in. The train of thought was interrupted by a sudden movement in my lap as the dog relaxed itself even more. I looked at it and our eyes met, it wasn’t scary anymore. All the previous feelings of overwhelming fear regressed. We both just sat there, looking at each other wondering what was on the other one’s mind, for whatever reason this creature chose not to harm me. There is still a hint of doubt in me. The sight of its face is so peaceful, I wouldn’t mind staying like this for a while. I’ve been here all alone for a while now it’d be really nice to have company even if that’s in a form of a giant dog. I might be too optimistic here but it kind of puts me at ease to see the eyes that once petrified me calming my heart. I sure hope things don’t turn for the worst. I slowly put my back to the ground and close my eyes with the creature still resting on my lap. It moved closer as I lied down and I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t falter. I sure am at a disadvantage if it decides to attack, but again I never had any chance of survival against it to begin with. I opened my eyes when I felt lighter and to see the dog wasn’t there anymore, I stood up and looked around to see if it’s still somewhere around. I heard something, a bark, from above. The dog was at the top of the slope, jumping up and down, wagging it’s tail. Something shone while it jumped but it sure wasn’t the sun. Restlessly walking around it barked a few times, waiting for me to follow up maybe. It didn’t look half as vicious now that’s it’s acting all goofy. I climbed up the slope and the dog began running again, this time around me. It nudged and gently pushed me asking me to follow it and I did just that. We walked for a while and before I could realized I was back at a familiar place, the place I first saw this dog. It made it’s way into the bushes, I stayed put, it peeped out of the bushes and barked and went back inside, I, assuming it wanted me to come inside, followed it there. It was sitting there facing the other side, I tried peeping but the dog was huge and I couldn’t see anything. It noticed me trying to sneak in and turned around and raised it’s paw and put on my shoulder, gently pushing me towards the ground, asking me to sit. I sat down and saw it pick something from under the bushes.

(The story continues in next part...)

Chandana Tolana



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