The Last Report by Chandana (Episode-4) #BMMGuruOriginals

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If you haven't read the first part then please read it here.

I called out for them and they still didn’t respond, I moved closer and closer to have a look a them. I was now around a yard away from them and they still didn’t respond or turn around. I reached the pit and walked around to see them better. With mild rusty smell in the air, I was now standing in front of them, we were now facing each other and I still couldn’t see their faces. After walking all the way to them in hope for answers, all I have now are some more questions. Standing in front of them, in horror, as I stare at their bloodied mutilated heads and what used to be their faces with severed torsos sitting in a pool of blood. There were limbs scattered around in the ditch and everything looked rather fresh. This brought back flashes of that wretched hallway. I thought I’d leave it behind, that awful sight, the murderous stench, that unfortunate turn of events that engulfed me into it’s horror. All of it returned and in a much grimmer form. I find myself frozen with fear and disgust, taking my steps backing up and preparing myself to run again. I took a few steps backwards and bumped into something, as I was about to turn around I heard a growl just behind me, so close it felt like something growled inches away from my ear and directly into it. I froze with fear. I felt a warm stream of air on my shoulder. I didn’t remember much of my life but it flashed in front of my eyes. The trees, the butterflies, the flowers and the beams of sunlight. I stood there frozen for a few seconds before snapping out of it and ran with all the strength I had. It didn’t take a minute before something pushed me to the ground, face down, and pinned me down by my legs. I turned around to look at it, it was a dog, the same wolf like creature I saw in the bushes, sniffing my feet and growling at it. A scream escaped my mouth and the dog looked straight at me and paused. Two big bright blue eyeballs leering at me couple of feet away from my face, it stayed still for a while staring at me, before moving closer to my face, growling and when it was about a few inches away I squeezed my eyes shut and waited to be mauled, I could sense everything even with my eyes shut, the stinky warm breath of the beast, it’s huge paw on my ankles and it’s face getting closer and closer by every passing second. It sniffed my hair, nudged my face and licked it?

It licked my face a few times and i felt it’s weight off of my legs and could feel it move away from me. I slowly opened my eyes, still horrified, looked at my feet and the beast wasn’t there anymore, I turned to my side only to find the beast sitting there right beside me panting, wagging it’s tail and barked. That could easily be the loudest of the barks. It licked my face and my arm again, rested it’s head in my lap and looked peaceful as I sat there frozen with fear and confusion.

(The story continues in next part...)

Chandana Tolana



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