The Last Report by Chandana (Episode-2) #BMMGuruOriginals

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If you haven't read the first part then please read it here.

Everything turned dark in the broad daylight for me. Not exactly that rich crimson but I could tell it was blood. There was so much of it that the once pale walls turned dark. The doors had hand prints, of blood, from the inside. After being in a state of shock for several minutes, I ran. With all the strength I had, not once did I look back at those wretched doors. I had nothing on my mind, no plans at all of what’d i do or where’d i go. I just wanted to go as far as possible from there and after running till exhaustion I feel my legs getting weaker, and before I could cope up I was on the ground. I lied there for a while panting. l turned my head to look around with my back still to the ground. The sun shone bright in my eyes and I slowly raised my hand to shield them from it. My hands and feet were all covered in a thick rusty gunk which might as well be the same thing that sent me running. I lied there, scared and disgusted till I could get up eventually, I frantically tried to rub it off of my hands on the bark of a tree nearby, trying not to cry. Once I convinced myself that the nightmare was left behind I decided to move forward. Roamed around the forest for what seemed like days. I could see a river at a time from where I was standing but I could tell it would take days to reach it. There were strange noises echoing all around the forest.

Even with all the ruffling the forest felt safer. The sun never seemed to set I was not aware of the time but I’m sure I was outside for days now. I found fruits along the way, none of them looked appetizing. With all the eerie noises echoing it’s rather unsettling to not see a single creature all this time. Just as the thought crossed my mind I noticed some movement from the corner of my eye and turned around with a jerk only to see a piece of cloth fluttering with the wind. A sigh of relief escaped my mouth. I sat down on the grass, cold yet soothing breeze gently rustled the fallen leaves.

All this time I didn’t stop once to enjoy this and kept running from what wasn’t even chasing me anymore. I took a deep breath and felt like the forest calmed down. The noises didn’t bother me anymore. I looked around me and realized there is a lot I overlooked. The dew on the leaves, the beams of sunlight through the branches, how it felt on my palm, the warmth of it, the purple flowers dancing with the wind, the gentle breeze flowing through my hair, the sound of rustling leaves.

Suddenly a sound felt out of place and I observed movement in the bushes, maybe there are animals that come out sometimes in this place, I thought as I slowly crawled towards it and made sure to not make any sudden noises. I slowly raised my head above from behind the bushes and peeped.

(The story continues in next part...)

– Chandana Tolana



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