The Last Report by Chandana (Episode-1) #BMMGuruOriginals


    After a series of darkness as I open my eyes and completely gain my consciousness I see something that was just a blurry image a while ago, as I come back from what seemed like an eternity of darkness and pain. I can feel and see again as the numbness withdraws, there is broken glass everywhere, poorly arranged tables and chairs and my OCD isn’t making things very comfortable either.

    The last thing I remember was being on this cold steel table while people in white coats and surgical masks flashed lights in my face I heard someone say “she won’t make it I can’t…” as I slowly slipped into the unconsciousness. If that was about me they sure were wrong about that one.. I see the door now and the place looks abandoned but familiar at the same time, looks like it was a laboratory and I was the subject. I don’t remember the walls being this dark of a shade or maybe the mind is playing tricks on me. I stumble on what might be a bag of some sort maybe a bag of potatoes, it can be that. I could barely see my own hands as I leave the room and walk along the wall and the only light there is was above the table I woke up on and as soon as I left the door the darkness engulfed. I hear water dripping, maybe from a leaking tap or a pipe. That explains the floor being this slippery, with all the water and moss on it. I walked through the pitch black hallway which seems to never end and with this unbearable stench, I can’t figure what it exactly is but it seems to be coming from everywhere. I see a speck of light at the end of this hallway and ran towards it. I pushed the doors open and was almost blinded by the light.

    The world outside contradicted. The light brought positivity, and so much warmth I almost forgot what darkness felt like. I’m sure this is the first time in eternity that I ever came here but the place looked like I’ve been here my whole life, I wonder if this is what ‘feels like home’ means. There are trees and sunlight and birds chirping all around me. As far as the eyes could see. But then the faint stench in the air caught up to me and brought back the cold with it. I decided to pull a stupid, like the idiot I am and turn around to look into the doors I just came through. It sure answered some of my questions and a few of which I didn’t even know I had and now I have new ones. The upside is I now know what caused the stench I was wondering about.I turned around. My eyes widened and I stood there staring at the hallway stunned. My hands turned cold. I can feel my heart racing faster. I took a step back. The sight inside the door made my stomach churn, now that I think of it, that particular stench, the slippery floor, the sound of dripping water, it all made sense.

    (The story continues in next part...)

    Chandana Tolana

    This is BMMGuru Original



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