Key Takeaways from Influential Marketing Event #INFLUESTA2018


Give me a YES! YES!If you do or have come across these things in every day life:

  1. If you binge watch TV Shows
  2. People instagramming food
  3. Use your phone in the bathroom or in a queue.

All of this has to do with something, which literally changed our lifestyle and our Way of consuming information. Yes! We are talking about Internet.

“ In fact, sources claim that 40 crore Indians were online and there’s said to be an increase of 100 crore Indians online by 2020”

Karan Shah, CEO & Founder of IIDE, said this at Influesta 2018.

IIDE hosted first of its kind event called INFLUESTA 2018 for influencers to come together to network, have fun, build business & learn! The event’s main objective was to educate Influencers on how they can monetize on their work, protect their fan base and build long-term relations with brands.

The event was not only attended by influencers, but also by digital marketing agencies like Togglehead, A & B etc. There were also a few brands like Colorbar, Multifit, Flintstop, Snackible, Fablespoon and more that had activities at each station.

People from different backgrounds such as food, fashion, travel, fitness and lifestyle are here & people from digital agencies such as Schbang, Social Kinnect, The Glitch, Rep India, Toggle Head and A & B were here during the event.

There was an interesting set of Panelist from different backgrounds. Salloni Malkani, founder of Food Blog Association of India (FBAI) spoke about benefits of maintaining genuine content as a creator and what should and shouldn’t be expected from brands. She also quoted “If your content is genuine only then people going to find you and follow you.”

Srinivas Kulkarni representing Social Kinnect spoke about him being on both the sides of the table, as an Influencer & a working in a company that hires Influencers for brands. He said, “Influencers need to understand always what platform is best for them & what works for them. There are tools online & influencer management agencies offline that do this work for their betterment.” Always be yourself, try to work and be a part of the brand rather than working for to get paid per tweet and per blog.

Entrepreneur, Founder & CEO of Pranay Swarup spoke about Influencer vs. paid and un-paid forms of branding & discussed about why every industry needs to adopt some kind of technology & with out that surviving in present scenario is impossible.

On the other hand Chintan, CCO of TTT spoke about dynamic digital change and how to cope up with trends & He advised “Keep doing what you are doing. Don’t let the fear reach your head at any point of time. And Always remember these two important words, “what if?” and keep answering that. “

Karan Addressing the crowd, Last Picture: Chintan (Extreme left), Pranay (Left), Salloni (Centre), Srinivas (Right)

Many influencers who attended the event said that they connected and networked with many influencers.
Also said, Speaking to a new set of people actually gave us a chance to evaluate & improve our work. We are looking forward to the organising committee to organise more events like these”

Endnote, Brands got wiser & working really hard to choose for the right fit as an influencer and trying to maintain a long-term relationship with them. Influencers in the other hand also realising the value of original content and understanding the need of fan base and their behaviour pattern.

– Sai Nikhil Dintakurthi


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