In the kitchens of the Royals


The daughters-in-law of the royal family of the city, healthy of properties and luxuries, sat down drapped in vibrant designer saries and preciously crafted jewelleries with a cup of tea, chit-chatting in the kitchen table with each other.

“Papa called me the most intelligent of all siblings. And i had proved him right when I topped the college in the final year.” the eldest boasted.

“You must be a geek! Wasn’t you badi Bhabhi?” joked another.

“Well even I was no less. I led the college Basketball team and captained at state level.” Said the youngest pretending to dribble and basket.

“Hey, you never told us that, and neither do you look like a sportsperson!” Mumbled badi bhabi, bursting into laughter along with the middle one.

“Ah! I know i am all bloated now. Blame on my two kids.” Frowned the basketball champ .

“Okay i know you won’t believe this, but I am a writer, I have got many of my articles published and  appreciated as student editor.” The middle one couldn’t stop herself from flaunting her talent too.

“Oh we have Rajdeep Sardesai’s deciple in the house.” And they all giggled to each other.

The jolly time between the women was obstructed by a hint of someones footsteps approaching the kitchen. They all knew, it’s times up!

Gushing back to work, the eldest continued chopping vegetables, the second daughter-in-law was back with mopping and the youngest hurringly poured tea in a cup, placed it on a tray and rushed.

“Here is your tea Sasu Ma, the Alu mutter is in process, Bhabhi will finish up mopping.”

“And you?” Uttered the mother-in-law in a sturdy voice

“Do I always have to remind you what Babuji says, it’s our house and the members have to make it a home. No stranger servant can do it”

“But even the males of this family are the members of the house right. Why are they allowed to achieve their dreams ? Why are only they allowed to go out and work? Don’t they have any responsibility towards the house, towards the family? This huge Palace and our family is exactly the example of hypocrisy, Indians live with. First, you marry your son to a well educated girl to show off your broad mindedness but the bitter honest fact remains the same that you only needed servants to clean up the cobwebs of the corners and bear children for your family and raise another hippocratic generation.”

The daughters-in-law bursted out all their rage, they couldn’t control, planning strong replies like these but only in their brains.

No one really uttered a word. Except

“Ji Maa ji.”

Worried of any further goofups, they silently did the assigned household chores and their beautiful memories were left now, like vegetable peals ending up in dustbins.

They were no less than a bird blessed with strong wings to take flight, trapped in a golden cage. The conversation or maybe their entire life was an irony.

– Sanjana Jathar                                  


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