How to get Sponsorship for College fest


Sponsorship is one of the key differentiators between the Success and Failure of an Event or Festival. With the college festivals in full swing, it’s an open-season for marketers. The right time when the college students and their dreams to get companies who sponsor their event, the corporates use this podium most effectively to advertise their brands and reach their captive audience, the youth of the country.

A perfect platform to make an impression on the purchase of decision-makers and spenders in a household through an emotional brand connect, recall, saliency and first buy. With vouchers, the sponsors encourage first buy and recall, they also put up sales stalls with discounted merchandise.

The more they invest, the larger their role gets in the festival. Now the question is where do colleges get the companies who will sponsor their fest from? Students reach out to different companies from their list of potential sponsors after a background information on the brands are prepared. Then a sponsorship packet is prepared which basically lists the benefits a business or an individual will get once they give monetary funds to the festival. The emails, calls or correspondences that reaches the sponsor are individualized.

After a few days and follow-up calls, the students make sure that the companies have received their request and ask if they have any queries. Your drafted deal should mention both deliverables and receivables clearly and let them know that you are allowed to do negotiation with brands and companies. You need your key points and truthful numbers while you pitch in for a brand and ask them what you are looking for and be open for creative and barter deals. If the company likes the sponsorship packet they will then donate a certain amount or goods and services as a barter to their advertisement.

The publicity can be in any form, like physical banners or signs, printing the name of the company or business in mailers and brochures, including the name of the brands prominently in reports, guides and newsletters, and the number of times their names will be mentioned in press releases sent out before and after the event.

– Zoynena Ansari


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