How Social Media will change the world in the near future


The one spending higher on their digital marketing campaign won USA Elections. Cambridge Analytica data Leak scandal. Countries interfering into other countries elections.

If there is one thing common in all of the above-mentioned events, then that is Facebook! World’s biggest social media site has the power to influence people to decide the president of a country. Not just any country, United States of America. The amount of media attention and the world going into a frenzy, when Mark Zuckerburg sat in front of his country’s senators to explain his company’s stance when data leak happened, is still mind-boggling. With the demographic targeting feature of Facebook, one of the countries had a major say in how the election campaigns play out for any and every nation around the world. Instagram and Whatsapp have always been under scrutiny, every time their parent-company Facebook goes under scrutiny.

330 million users of Twitter were asked to change their passwords when Twitter had a glitch in their own company. That’s all it takes! A glitch and all the user data and privacy can go into wrong hands. YouTube and Snapchat ain’t devoid of controversies either. Right from Logan Paul and his antics on YouTube irking the users all over the world to Snapchat constantly losing it’s battle to Facebook, after their acquisition talks fell through, it has not been a smooth ride for any of these sites. With GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) coming into force – for all the websites and apps, there is a certain relief for all the users at the moment. But, it still is a very small step against these social media giants access to a user’s private data. Although however much people talk about the nuisances of all of these social media and their cons, none of these have affected the user acquisition for any of these social media sites in all these months.

The real question here is not how Social Media will change the world in the near future? The question here is – Social Media is already changing the world around you, what are you going to do about it?

– Chatur Ideas’ Team


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