This is what I do when I get a writers block!!!


I wrote….

I stroke it off….

I wrote again… and I stroked it off again…

After repeating this for a millionth time, I finally gave up.  And thus, started a process of self-analysis in my mind.  I was thinking that I enjoy writing , it is one of the activities of my life in which I really felt connected. Although it is not my prime hobby but, I still used to have alot of fun doing it… Then why all of sudden I am not in a mood to write anything.

It’s not that I’m short of ideas. In fact a daydreamer like me would have tons of stuff to explore with the help my pen…. So why all of sudden I’m not finding that frame of mind ? In which I would go into a sort of trance…. Is this what they call the writer’s block?

Well yes, writer’s block was the phase that I was going through, I had come up with this answer, when I reflected on my past few days. I had ideas but I wasn’t motivated enough to go through with them, this felt like a this has happened before, I got this Déjà vu [The feeling of this present situation happend before, but can’t recall it.] because I had gone through the same phase with my other hobbies too… such as singing, playing guitar etc.  so I decided to explore this phenomenon a bit further…

While I researched about it, I saw that every artist may it be a writer, singer, dancer, has some or the other time has gone through this phase, where the connection he/she share seem have lost or he/she has become distant from this particular passion of his. Another thing I observed was that this phase had followed either most euphoric phases of a person’s life or some tragic phases

But the purpose of this passion of ours is to calm us, stabilize us, isn’t it??

Well consider this, there is certain type cuisine you love the most, and you are being served the same dish every day, initially you will enjoy being served the same the dish as you love it, but eventually you will get bored of it….does that mean that you have changed your view about that particular dish…No…it’s just that you want a change…

Same goes with our passion, at times we enjoy it the most, like we cannot live without it, like it’s a piece of our soul, but at certain times we do need space, to enter to a different kind of world, to explore different kind of passions but that by no means states that we longer have the same liking towards our art.

Sometimes people give up entirely on their passions due to this phase of life or stop believing in their skill well both approaches are incorrect.

AD MEN Piyush pandey once said on an interview that “Don’t take writer’s block as a Full – stop, take it as a speed breaker. You might stop for a second but it don’t mean you need to leave it.”

I suggest from my experiences,

Sometimes a little distance is all you need, A distance which will help you to appreciate your passion than you ever did before. A break which will only strengthen your ties with your passion.

While you are on a break do feel free to explore other types of art forms, skills, hobbies etc. who knows you might get to know a different side of your personality and when you return, you can once again find your solace in your passion.

– Sarvesh Dange



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