Friendships to Forbes

Source: The playboy magazine

Ever heard of Friendships turning into love-stories? Well of course you have, haven’t you? Our faces light up on the knowledge of love, romance and sensuality. But our souls ignite with the fire of passion when we are patient listeners to the tale of friendships which make it to ‘Fortune’ or ‘Forbes.’

Larry Paige and Sergey Brin found each other obnoxious on their first meet. And what they had not predicted was their strong bond and innovative idea of Google.

Partnership of Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Jawed Karim gave us YouTube which has glued us to our phones and has given us an access to our favorite artists’ work.

There are a list of companies and organizations which have made it to the curriculum of the young students. Inspiration is no more a fiction my friend. An idea which has taken its roots in a mind that dares to dream will place its baby feet in realm and add to the list of mind blowing business tycoons for sure.

Here we raise a glass of vine to all the fellow students and their amazing friendships. For it is you, my friend, who proves that friendship is not limited to the cup of tea you share in canteens or the outing you have fun on after bunking your lectures.

Friendship is also the strong bond where your buddy provides you with the first investment for your project or publicizes your events to the masses or encourages you for your dreams. In fact this bond helps you more when you realize that this idiot friend of yours knows every inch of you. Because only then he knows which tides can you face and where will you need your life jacket.

Friends with the same beautiful passions have made the best partnerships till date. And the list still goes on for the same line of thought.

So what are you waiting for my friend? Just give a nudge to your friend. The blue print of the innovation in your mind is waiting to find its roots on grounds. The next cup of tea with him or her will sure be an interesting one won’t it?

-Kinjal Shah


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