Flickering thoughts: Glass skin


    These walls are too high

    Too close, pressing too hard.

    I am suffocating on my own

    Words, let me out. Please.

    I need to find a road that leads home.

    But this is my home, I’m stuck

    In between two worlds

    I love and hate Life and death.

    In a state where I am both

    Alive and dead, free and trapped.

    My body can move freely

    But my mind has gone to hell.

    My thoughts spill out

    Of my mouth and eyes.

    I am poisonous, I bite.

    I am both a rose and a grenade.

    I don’t want to hurt you,

    I am Possessed.

    I am afraid you will trip

    Over my shattered skin and bones

    And break yourself.

    I love you too much

    To inflict even a drop

    Of pain upon your small body.

    My tears are made of venom,

    I am more beast than human.

    Leave this house.

    Leave me.

    Leave us.

    Dig a hole in the backyard

    The size of my body,

    I’ll take care of the rest.

    There is glass near the door

    Don’t step on it

    On your way out.

    – AbhiRaj Das


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