Why I Feel Unsafe Every Minute I Spend Away From Home. 

Night streets

Yesterday I was waiting on the street on my scooter for a friend, while I was waiting a strange man on his bike who looked kind of weird suddenly stopped in the middle of a busy street and glanced at me.

My heart started beating in my chest and I roared my scooter to life, in case, I needed to run away. But, then I saw his friend sprint across the street and sit on his bike, both of them rode away, without even glancing at me. I finally heaved a sigh of relief.

So, why is it, that whenever a strange man so much as so even glances at me, I feel threatened for my safety? Because, that’s how we are bought up. Girls, in India, are bought up in an extremely conservative atmosphere. Where, they are directly or indirectly constantly made to worry about their safety.

So, even if a harmless stranger smiles at us, we perceive it as a mortal threat to our safety. This is no one’s fault but of every person, in our society. Men don’t respect women. Men objectify women. ( mind me, not all men.) Men think that they can pass lewd comments and eve tease women, arbitrarily.

Rapes are more common in India than festivals. Women face eve teasing on a daily basis.
If I’m travelling to college at least three men, eve tease me. I am inappropriately touched without my consent. I, being a woman, face the issues of feeling unsafe and being molested and eve teased, constantly when I’m outside. I feel, that at any moment, a man who looks slightly harrowing can rape me.

I feel unsafe in my own hometown, in my own city. So, do you think that’s how, us women are meant to live? We can’t wear what we like, because we might arouse the sexual interests of men, which will force them to sexually abuse me. I can’t look pretty, because if I catch a man’s eye, he will molest me. This constant fear women carry in their chest, is everything wrong with this society.

We need to stop this. It’s serious. Women are meant to be loved and respected and not feel terrorized every minute of the day. We need to step up, take action. Make women feel at home again. Make them feel like they’re safe and they can be themselves, without having to worrying about their safety every passing second. No, it’s not an obligation. It’s a basic responsibility, every man has toward every woman of the society, not just that to his family.

Jannvi Vania


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