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A man escaped from 1956

A man escaped is a French movie directed by Robert Bresson. It’s based on a French soldier who was held by German in Montluc Prison during the world war ii. It is about memoirs of Andrè Devigny. Andrè Devigny is called a Fontaine in the film. Fontaine was condemned to death in 1943 in Montluc Prison. He escaped from Montluc Prison on the very same day he was scheduled to die.

The plot revolves around the time span of the world war ii. At the beginning of the plot a shot is shown of Montluc Prison. During the World War II, over 7,000 prisoners were killed at Montluc Prison by the hands of Nazis. François Leterrier plays the role of Fontaine who is a member of French Resistance. At the opening scene it is shown that Fontaine is on his way to jail. But while he is transported to jail, the car carrying him is compelled to stop. He somehow manages to escape from the car. But he soon was captured, beaten for his attempt, handcuffed and taken to prison. At first he had been kept in a prison on the first floor of prison. At the first floor of the prison he is able to converse with three French men who had been in the yard. The man from the yard gets a self clasping pin for Fontaine which helps him to open his handcuffs. Anyhow his efforts turns out being unnecessary because he was later moved to a cell on the top floor of the prison without his handcuffs. After he was shifted to his new cell, he starts to reviewing the cell in which he is kept, he found out that the door of the cell was made of a low quality wood. He managed to remove three boards of wood from the door by using iron spoon. He later started to roam around the hallway and then get back to the cell and reestablish the presence of the door.

In Montluc Prison Fontaine wasn’t the only one who wanted to escape from the prison. Jacques Ertaud who plays the role of Orsini, he is the one who is trying to escape the prison just like Fontaine. But anyhow he fails to go very far. While he was trying to escape his rope broke and later he was hurled back in his cell, beaten up by the watchmen and was executed a couple of days later. Fontaine manages to make a hook from the light fitting in his cell. He makes the rope from clothing and fastens the hook to the rope.

He was taken to the headquarter to tell that he sentenced to be executed. After that he was again placed into the same cell. He got François Jost as his new cellmate. François Jost had been in German armed Force. Fontaine seems confused by the presence of François Jost. He is unable to decide whether to trust him or not. He later realizes he either have to kill François or take him with him in the escape plan. In matter of time François Jost admits that he too needs to get away, Fontaine believes him and discloses his plan to him. One night, they finally manage to escape from the prison.

Robert Bresson is well-known for his simplicity in the movie he make. In movie ‘A Man Escaped’ the plot is not about Fontaine’s success to escape from the prison but how he manages to escape. The plot revolves around the failure and struggle faced by Fontaine while he tries to escape from the Montluc Prison.

-Abhiraj Das


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