Don’t let chapters define your happiness, it’s climax that makes the book worth reading


Letting people come in and go out of your life will definitely hurt you !!

And you will miss all the fun and memories once shared, but some people are just not meant to be forever, they are just meant to create chapters of your book !!

Don’t let that chapters define you and your happiness because it’s the climax that makes the book worth reading !!

And in the end all what matters is not the people who left you because of your flaws but the people who decided to walk with you forever !!

Nothing lasts forever|| forever is lie|| yes this is true because nothing is meant to last forever; BONDS, UNDERSTANDING, MEMORIES EVEN NATURE THEY BREAK, DIE, FADE AND GET DESTROYED !

Don’t stress on one thing that makes you sad, Stress on the things that will make you a better person and most importantly stress on what makes you happy because that’s what you are supposed to be.

– Yashvi Gandhi


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