A chocolate and a kid taught me a lesson about life the other day


On a sunny day, I went to a mall called Sobo Central at South Mumbai. There were some splendid collection of dresses from a different set of brands I always dreamt of and the ornaments that make my pretty body look much more prettier. But I don’t know why maybe because of my cluttered thoughts in between the decisions I took for my life in past or maybe the consequences they can make in future. I didn’t feel like purchasing anything. On the way back to my home, my mom and I stopped for lunch.  We had an amazing meal and took a walk towards the nearest bus stop.

In the meanwhile, I saw someone waving at us. I was confused and looked back to confirm if there are any other that he might be waving at, but no one was around us. He was actually waving at us, we realised when he approached us and I was wondering about who he might be? I never saw this person before but his body language suggested that he might know us. So, I thought he might be a mutual friend who recognised me. As he approached us, I expected a Hi! But he didn’t say that neither did hello nor how are you!

He smiled and said, “Today is my Birthday! Wish me “Happy B’day”!!!

I was wondering, who would come to a random stranger to ask for b’day wishes, at that moment, quintillion thought’s running through my head about his identity and who he might be and out of many thoughts, one of them was “What if he is a prankster? Pranking me! He looked thin and might be aged between 20-24 & a fair handsome looking guy.  He fits for the profile as a prankster I thought, I looked around for cameras in bushes and other places, can’t find any, though he might have a button camera or some kind of hidden camera. But after he asked me to wish I took a big pause, I don’t know how to react at that moment, for a second I wondered, I can’t see his parents or his friends and actually not person related to him nearby. I politely asked him, “Do you know me?

He said “No”! Please wish me Happy B’day! Today is my B’day!

After few seconds, I realised something is wrong with this person. He looked at me and laughed and was looking at pointless directions in a fraction of time. I didn’t know what to do at that moment, I was convinced and I said Happy B’day Buddy! And he asked for a hi-fi.

I looked at my mom telepathically and asked her what to do, he might make some nuisance out of it, she told me to give a Hi-fi and leave, I went to him, said Happy B’day, gave a Hi-fi and gave this chocolate bar I held.

He was surprised, he wasn’t expected a chocolate, his face was glowing with happiness for his B’day gift and he said “Thanks didi, Aap ka naam?” I told my name and I left.

I remembered Shah Rukh Khan from the movie “My name is khan”. This guy behaved exactly like him all this time. He might also have Hermobosisi, a disorder that stops the growth of motor skills part of the pituitary gland in the brain that results in childish behaviour even if someone is physically grown.

He looked really cute at that time, his excitement and facial expression made me realize few things about life and happiness.

When I look back to the situation, he came to me with no expectation other than a B’day wish, my chocolate made him happy.

I learned an important lesson that day, the key to happiness always knows what to expect from people and your self and lowering your expectation can actually lead to happiness.

So, in life, the problem is everyone wants to be happy 100% of the time and when people don’t get that, they are sad.

In our life, depending on how we set our expectations and goals and what we want out of our life will define happiness. If you keep your expectation really low then there is a chance for happiness all the time.

Yours Truly,

Pranjal Rajadhyaksha


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