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Numerology and Name Numerology as an alternative science has been around for more than 5000 years. However, due to the mysticism surrounding the science and the scare tactics used by some practitioners, it has not found wider acceptability among masses. Even today people tend to disbelieve the science and find it difficult to believe that Names influences a person’s character/personality.

It is with this purpose of removing the mysticism, proving the effectiveness of Numerology science and bringing the benefits to the masses that 4 founders started NaamVidya. The approach adopted by them is that the proof of the pudding is in its eating !! They allow all website visitors to do a free analysis of their own names and others to see for themselves how their names have had an impact on their personality. They also allow them to take a detailed analysis of how their full name and date of birth to give an indication if their names are balanced with their date of birth.

NaamVidya firmly believe that young parents looking for names for their new-borns can benefit immensely by opting for their Baby Name services where they suggest balanced names for new-born babies. A balanced name is one which is in complete harmony with the child’s surname and his/her date of birth.

How did the idea of NaamVidya emerged as a business? We started NaamVidya for 3 reasons.

  • Awareness: Not many are aware that there is a science that measures the direct correlation between the vibration of names and numbers. It is absolute mathematics and this intrigued us to dwell deep into it. In fact among the first few initiators of this science was Pythagoras, the great Greek philosopher and mathematician. However, this awareness is lacking and people tend to classify it with occult science such as Astrology, Tarot, Palmistry etc…Our goal here is to clear this misconception and spread awareness about the benefits of choosing a balanced name.
  • Mysticism: The second reason was the mysticism surrounding this wonderful science. Without understanding the origins, and with very limited knowledge of the subject, some practitioners commoditized this science and used it as a scare tactic to make money.
  • Availability: Numerology as a science is currently practiced by individuals from their home, most have very limited knowledge of the subject and charge a hefty sum. As such, people either had difficulty finding a genuine numerologist or found them too expensive to avail a service.

The founders explain that this science is also very useful for new business owners looking for a new name for their businesses. By selecting a balanced name with the right vibration for success, they can start their entrepreneurship journey on a positive note. Their initial traction has been excellent.

Their website has seen more than 50,000 full name reports being requested by visitors. The organic traffic on their website is growing at 40% month on month with bounce rate (an indicator of how engaging the content is) in low single digits.

The founders at NaamVidya come from a varied background having deep interest in Numerology and also skills in technology and marketing helping them present this ancient science in a very modern and simple way. You can visit their website on

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  1. Very interesting information regarding the naamvidya which means education about naming. Behind every success along with the efforts, the name matters equally. Thank you for all the data shared.


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