Bromance-My bro!

Joey and chandler in friends

Hey Bro!

Bro” has become an increasingly unremarkable term. What was once a useful descriptor for fatty guys with an affinity for calling girls sults and talking about how wasted they got, has now become a vague catch all ascribed to any straight white man. Although these bros are sitting atop the privilege pyramid, each straight white man, like every individual, is more complex than a derisive stereotype.

On the one hand, conventionally “broy” beliefs and behaviors continue to thrive. The chauvinism and misogyny associated with the worst of bro culture is consistently validated by alright sentiment and tired archetypes of masculinity. On the other hand, this narrow definition of masculinity being challenged by people across the gender identity spectrum and a hyper-masculine, heteronormative, generally douche demeanor is no longer a prerequisite for being a man or a bro.

Regardless of political leaning there is one thing that unites all bona fide Bros: the uninhibited use of the word bro.

This tendency is usually accompanied by an array of neologisms based on the word.

Brommunication,” embodies everything obnoxious yet appealing about these bro-isms.the punning potential (pun-tential,anyone?) is so universally tempting, that many of these words have infiltrated the mainstream American lexicon. With all that equivocation in mind,let;’s further dissect some of these words in trying to better understand both the positive and negative implications.

Bromance” An extremely close but non-sexual relationship between two men. This language allows men to comfortably express affection for one another in heteronormative culture that has historically viewed homosexuality as opposed to masculinity. As long as they are not being used at the cost of gay men, bromantic terms can be healthy and facilitate more intimate friendships.

How Bromance starts:

Part 1- Spend more time with guys. Bonding with other men can lead directly to a bromance.

Part 2- Hold similar beliefs as the dude you want to bond with. If you share ideas with someone, it is easier to create a bromance with them.

Part 3- Meet guys engaged in similar work. You might find a best bro in your line of work. People who have similar jobs will be able to admire each other, respect what the other does, and bond with one another over work achievements and struggles. 

Part 4- Search for others  who share your hobbies. Starting a bromance with someone who understands and can share your hobbies will make the process easier.

Part 5- Be open to new experiences. Part of the fun of making a new friend is that you get to learn new things through that person.




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