Be more than what you taught to be: FLUID by Ashish Jaiswal


Hi Ashish, Lets talks about your latest book fluid?

Fluid has been hailed as a revolutionary book by scholars from Harvard, Yale, and Oxford. Fluid demonstrates the commonality of fluid thinking across renowned artists, scientists, and entrepreneur including Leonardo da Vinci, CV Raman, Steve Jobs, and Charles Darwin. Glimpse into their lives and know why being fluid like them could be our biggest winning strategy in the age of artificial intelligence. Tell us more about the approach mentioned in this book? Whether we are in a classroom or in the outer world, we are always forced to choose who we are. Always expected to walk towards a fixed goal. We are either artists or scientists or businessmen, We are constantly asked to embrace these identities with a stronger force. As they say the more we remain folded in our fields, the better specialists we are.

What are the origins of “FLUID” concept?

Fluid shatters this myth by arguing that great minds who have changed the fate of humankind are actually the ones who failed, faltered, remained uncertain yet never bothered to remain posted to a fixed line. They were more. They were fluid.

Any thoughts on the present education system in India?

I think that most of our current practices of education are dangerously outdated and we need to bring a paradigm shift in the way we are preparing ourselves for the coming future. I have been speaking and teaching all around the world on the shift needed. Fluid, in my latest book, assimilates lessons from the approach applied by geniuses throughout history and offers a fresh model of learning and thinking. In my last book, How to Reform a Business School, includes an on-campus multi-year case study of how Yale transformed its business school.

How can our audience be in touch with your work?

I absolutely love talking to young minds. The schools and universities of the future, their curriculum and pedagogy will look entirely different than those of the present times. I love to interact with the ones interested in redefining the future of education. You can reach me at and can check my work and previous books at

Interview with Ashish Jaiswal by Sai Nikhil Dintakurthi


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