Are you an introvert or an extrovert? [Part 2]


So, continuing the second part of our article… Introvert extrovert

In our previous article we spoke about introverts, you thought we were being biased right when we just spoke about them and not the extroverts?

If you havent read the first part then click here.

No, because here we are with the second part of our article. For all the extroverts out there.

The media industry is a great place, and with the energy and charms of an extrovert person, I think, it gets better and better. There are bunch of things you can do in the media industry matching your overt enthusiasm.

So what qualities exactly make you an extrovert? No categorizing anyone, but here are some of it. If you relate to these five things listed below, I guess, you’ve earned the right to call yourself an extrovert.

5 things that probably make you an extrovert.

You are bubbly – You are filled with this drive and enthusiasm which is not hidden. You shower it onto the world. You are an energy-fueled, bubbly person. You tend to be cheerful around people.

You are a people’s person – You love hanging out with people. You have a tendency to please people, always. You are good with people and are much more comfortable with tons of people around you.


You love socializing – A party? An event happening nearby? A weekend mambo jumbo? Yes! You’re always up for it. Socializing is totally your thing. You love making new friends and meeting new people.

You’re not afraid to meet new people – You have a knack of making a lot of friends. In person or via social media, it doesn’t matter, you’re always making new friends, meeting new people and increasing your friend list.

You’re not nervous around people – You are charming around people, your energy and drive is always present, because you love being around people and you’re never nervous if you have to give an impromptu speech.

You connect to people – Another one of your skills, you can so easily connect to people. Your outgoing and jolly nature tends to make you more likeable and people can connect to you very easily. You’re really easy to be around.

So, what better does this industry needs? Your outgoing nature and enthusiasm, connecting to new people easily and making contact,will help you in the long run. The media industry is your play ground. Go and explore.

Let us know by commenting down below if we miss any thing in the order. Tag your extrovert friends and see if they can fit in the list.

Jaanvi Vania


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