Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Don’t worry, media industry is for all.


Media industry is a whole lot more than people think it is, it’s not only movies and news channels. A lot goes on in the media inndustry.

So, it’s a fit for everyone out there, wether you’re an introvert or an extrovert. The media industry is not confined to acting, directing, news anchoring and journalism only. There are things which go beyond the camera and understanding of a normal person. So it doesn’t matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert, the industry welcomes everyone.

So what exactly makes you an introvert. You might sometimes be ambiguous about which category you fit in. Well, we’ve got you covered.

You love to be in your own shell – You love being in your space, away from the hustle and bustle of large groups of people. Your space is sacred and comfortable, and thereof be in your own little shell.

You don’t feel lonely – People assume that you’re lonely or a loner just because you like being alone.

You rather prefer being alone than with a whole bunch of people.  You love your own company and would love to be on your own.

You don’t need a lot of people to enjoy – Okay, so just because you’re an introvert doesn’t mean you don’t like having friendsor hanging out with them. You need a one or two close friends or a maximum of four to have fun, you don’t need a dozen of  friends to have fun.

You connect to things more rather than people – Not saying you can’t connect to people or you don’t want to. Introverts are drawn to things like art, music, books, animals, etc. rather than people. They prefer the company of affermetioned  things rather than people.

You are never afraid to go out and explore alone – Group plans don’t amuse you. You can go out and explore alone, in fact you love doing that. You prefer going on solo trips and treks and exploring things all by yourself without feeling uncomfortable or being.

If you supposedly fit in any of the above categories, we’ve got the perfect jobs for you.

Script/screenplaywriter – Writing scripts for movies or news channels. It doesn’t require to unneccsarily interact with a lot of people and you can have your own space too.

Copy writer – copywriting for advertising agencies and other firms will not require you to go out of your shell very often and you can have your own freedom to create content.

Graphic designer – this job is really cool and will also allow you to expand your creativity and be in your own zone by yourself.

We will discuss about extrovers in our next part of our blog, Click here

-Jaanvi Vania


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